Cruising Dystopia, open call

Nouvel Organon Paris in collaboration with TURBA Factory (Production- and Projectspace) Berlin is pleased to invite emerging and established artists, art collectives, group of artists, architects, writers, performers, philosophers, social workers, and everyone otherwise involved in contemporary art to submit a project for an opportunity to participate in the group exhibition “Cruising Dystopia”.

Curator: Kristijan Radakovic @ Nouvel Organon Paris

The exhibition will take place in Turba Factory Berlin, June 25- July 10, 2021, Berlin, Germany.

Kristijan Radakovic addresses the cruising areas as “heterotopian spaces” which are naturally formed, self-sustainable, non-institutionalized social environments in constant formation. There is an undeniable beauty in space naturally formed out of the human need to connect, to communicate. Areas which, at the time and still today, were born out of oppression.

Homo homini homo or space without the usual sociological boundaries such as borders, race, profession, religion, and gender. In that space participants are changing, they are moving around, they are appearing and disappearing, there are no defined rules.

In that sense, Radakovic is inviting for the works which are experienced and being inspired by this sociological phenomenon. The importance of personal experience with cruising as the only condition is here to guide the visitors through an aesthetic journey rather than argue the statements.

Cruising area as an utopian idea of freedom sometimes can become a dystopian space where one comes face-to-face with the limits and borders of contemporary society.

Artists are invited to submit up to 5 pieces of work, with an artist statement of max. 350 words and a 1-page-CV. Projects are selected based on relevance to the theme, quality, and artistic integrity. Participation in the exhibition is through a selection process done by Nouvel Organon curator Kristijan Radakovic and a partner jury.

Cruising Dystopia @ Nouvel Organon Paris @  Turba Factory Berlin

Exhibition: June 25- July 10
@Turba Factory
Teilestraße 11, Berlin, Germany

submission: opencall@nouvelorganon.com